Cabinets 4 Less LLC  specializes in providing the best quality kitchen cabinets available, all at a very affordable price. Determining which kitchen cabinets are best for your project is part of our free design process. Our kitchen designers will help you narrow down what is the best choice for your home. Bath and laundry room cabinetry options give you a beautifully organized area for all of your most essential supplies. Vanities can come as free-standing furniture in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Whatever your cabinetry needs are, we can help you plan and execute a solution.


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One of our design coordinators goes to your home working around your busy work schedule. The progress is quick and fast. Measurements get done, and 3D renderings are then sent via e-mail. With your approval we can then start on making your dream project become a reality.


Measure  the entire wall lengths, and record the wall in smaller segments, such as from a corner of the wall to the outside trim of a window. Measure all openings, such as windows or doors, from one outside trim edge to the other outside trim edge. Any trim or molding around it should be part of the measurement. Number each opening so it’s easy to reference later.

Radiators, pipes, or vents are common obstructions that should be recorded, as they usually can’t be removed when it comes time to install your new cabinets.

Identify all large appliances, fixtures, furniture and anything else that you plan to keep after installing your new kitchen cabinets. Utilities to make note of are your water supply, any power sources, heating or air vents, electrical outlets, and light switches. Mark the location and center point of all your permanent features.

Tip: The center point of appliances is often where the plumbing line or gas line starts.​​​​​​​


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